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If the government is trying to convict you of a felony in state or federal court, The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, will make certain your rights are protected. The firm has more than 30 years of experience dedicated specifically to providing criminal defense representation to clients in Michigan and nationwide. The firm has a record of success that speaks for itself.

State and Federal Criminal Defense

The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, defends against state and federal charges. The differences between state and federal criminal cases are not obvious. For example, many narcotics cases can be charged either by state or federal authorities. If the narcotics are bought and sold in the same state, the case is typically charged by the state. However, if narcotics are bought in one state and sold in another, this is considered a conspiracy and charged as a federal case.

In most cases, individuals who are arrested will know where their case will be prosecuted. If they are arrested by federal authorities and taken to a federal detention center, the likelihood is that the case will be in federal court. If they are arrested by a local police department and taken to a city or county jail, they will most likely be prosecuted by the state. In either case, it is important for the accused to exercise the right to remain silent.

Defense Against the Most Serious Charges

Attorney Frank Stanley and his experienced legal team defend against:

Violent offenses of all types, including:

Sex offenses of all types, including:

Child and Internet pornography charges of all types, including:

White collar crimes and fraud

Other criminal charges such as:

State and federal sentencing guidelines will play a role in the majority of the serious cases that the firm handles.

The firm also handles all post-conviction matters, including:

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