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Sex Crimes Archives

Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in teen sexting case

In one of the most disappointing and high-profile sexting scandals of the last five years, former congressman Anthony Weiner was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison. The sentence stems from Weiner’s guilty plea to one count of transferring obscene material to a minor, which was placed with the court in May.

Parents and teens should talk about 'sexting.'

As a new school year begins, parents of students going into high school are likely concerned about the new friends their children will be making, how their hormones may guide them into questionable decisions, and whether the “puppy love” relationships they forge will change their lives.

Are former sex offenders still being driven away?

It is well known that under Michigan law, registered sex offenders are barred from living near school safety zones. The notion behind the state’s law is to prevent sex offenders from living in close proximity to children, and to limit the exposure of children to suspected pedophiles since they tend to like playgrounds and other areas where kids play.

Mistrial determined in Cosby sex assault case

The latest high-profile sex crime case that captured national attention has now ended. The criminal case involving longtime comedian Bill Cosby has ended in a mistrial. The ruling leaves him without an acquittal and potentially sets the stage for prosecutors to try the case once again.

How an evaluation can help your case

In some sex crime cases, harsh sentences can be avoided by proving that the accused is not a specific and continual threat to be a repeat offender.  Indeed, most defendants would say this to avoid jail time. However, showing this in a court of law may be a completely different exercise.

Sex Crimes: Blind faith in DNA analysis can convict the innocent

The nature of allegations of sexual offenses can be extremely unpredictable. Forensic science such as DNA evidence plays an important part in sex crimes cases in Michigan and elsewhere, and defending such charges can be extremely complicated. Unfortunately, blind faith in any area of forensic technology is dangerous. The President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology recently commissioned a report on the accuracy of results obtained from analysis of mixed DNA from multiple individuals.

Innocence Project helps get exoneration for 'San Antonio Four'

When someone is accused of sexual assault, the case often involves eyewitness testimony supported by DNA analysis or other scientific evidence. Particularly when there are problems with the eyewitness testimony, prosecutors often rely on DNA or other scientific evidence to support the victim's story.

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