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White Collar Crimes Archives

CEO of advertising company faces white collar crimes charges

People in Michigan interested in matters related to digital advertising may be aware of a case in which the CEO of a company in another state was charged with multiple fraud counts. This case of white collar crimes followed extensive investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The defendant is a 32-year-old Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of a company that deals with digital marketing.

Priest indicted in federal court on white collar crimes

A Russian Orthodox priest is accused of embezzling funds from different parishes in another state where he worked over several years. Although a grand jury indicted him on 10 counts of mail fraud, people in Michigan and elsewhere will know that an indictment is no more than a formal charge and accusation of a serious crime. Anyone indicted on federal charges on white collar crimes or other crimes is entitled to a fair trial.

Father and daughter face federal white collar crimes charges

Michigan residents will know that business endeavors do not always go as planned. This is underscored by a case in another state in which a father and daughter's plans to open a restaurant brought them nothing but legal problems. Alleged white collar crimes led to a recent federal indictment.

White collar crimes involving unemployment and stimulus funds

Many people in Michigan and across the country rely on the U.S. government to provide financial assistance during these difficult times. However, several cases have been reported in which individuals allegedly committed white collar crimes to get some of those funds that were intended for others. One such case in another state involved a 24-year-old woman indicted on 17 counts by a federal grand jury.

White collar crimes indictment follows 1991 conviction

Michigan people interested in federal cases might follow the case involving a man in another state who served time behind bars in 1991 and was recently indicted again in federal court. His previous conviction was for similar white collar crimes with which he is charged this time. As previously, he is accused of involvement in a plot to defraud the U.S. federal government.

White collar crimes: Woman faces fraud charges re veterans

Michiganders who are interested in veterans' matters may have heard something about the fraud charges recently filed against a 59-year-old woman from another state. A federal grand jury indicted the woman for white collar crimes against veterans. Reportedly, the woman operated a service providing assistance and care to veterans.

White collar crimes: Counselor faces health care fraud charges

Michigan people who follow cases involving Medicaid fraud might know about the charges filed against a professional counselor in another state. The man facing federal charges for alleged white collar crimes was a guidance counselor at an adult education facility. Following his arrest on health care fraud charges, the accused man was placed on leave.

Former county prosecutor faces white collar crimes charges

Federal criminal charges were recently filed against a former prosecutor in Macomb County. Reportedly, the defendant plans to plead guilty to white collar crimes charges of federal obstruction of justice. The charges arose from the former Michigan prosecutor's attempts to cover up the theft of $70,000.

White collar crimes: 3 who allegedly posed as pastors indicted

Although most people nationwide, including Michigan, know to steer clear of Ponzi schemes, there are frequent reports of people losing millions after investing their money with the hopes to getting high returns. A federal indictment that was unsealed recently alleges that three men committed white collar crimes by posing as pastors and convincing people in their congregations to invest millions of dollars. Facing charges for white-collar-crimes is serious, and the alleged fraudsters will likely seek skilled legal counsel.

Child development center director accused of white collar crimes

When times are difficult, as they are these days, some people in Michigan and elsewhere might take steps they would not have taken had they not been so desperate. In one such case in another state, a 40-year-old woman was recently charged in federal court with committing white collar crimes. She is accused of embezzling over $311,000 from a child development center where she worked.

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