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Posts tagged "White Collar Crimes"

Guilty plea on white collar crimes involving cryptocurrency

Investors nationwide, including Michigan, who consider making "no-risk" investments in cryptocurrency projects might be blinded by the promises of high-interest returns and other benefits. ryptocurrency laws are evolving, and many gray areas exist. However, in a case that the U.S. Attorney's office believes to be the first of its kind nationwide, a cryptopreneur pleaded guilty to white collar crimes in federal court.

Nurse pleads guilty to white collar crimes

Anyone in Michigan or any other state who faces federal charges may be advised by legal counsel to plead guilty. In many cases, such a plea could lead to the best possible outcome. This was how a 37-year-old man in another state pleaded on multiple white collar crimes charges.

White collar crimes: Indictment alleges Medicaid fraud

Medicaid fraud forms the basis of many federal criminal cases filed each year, including in Michigan. The current opioid epidemic has led to many allegations of white collar crimes, including those involving a former owner of a state-licensed drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in another state. The 38-year-old man was recently indicted in federal court on 60 counts for alleged indiscriminate handing out of opioids and then filing fraudulent Medicaid claims.

Team executive admits to white collar crimes involving $13.4M

Whenever people in Michigan and other states are appointed in positions in which they will be trusted to work with significant amounts of money, some may not be able to resist the temptation of siphoning some of it off for personal use. White collar crimes charges frequently result from such situations. A recent case involved an executive of a professional basketball team in another state.

White collar crimes: How is wire fraud committed?

People in Michigan might be conned to participate in schemes that involve wire fraud without even realizing that they are caught up in criminal activities. Acts of wire fraud are white collar crimes that require the use of electronic communication systems or any type of interstate communications facilities. Telephones and the internet are the primary communication methods used to commit wire fraud.

Office manager indicted on 11 counts of white collar crimes

Anyone in Michigan who is accused of embezzlement will likely sense that obtaining legal counsel as soon as possible is crucial. A 41-year-old woman in another state is in such a predicament. She was recently indicted on 11 counts of white collar crimes by a federal grand jury.  According to the indictment, the woman allegedly embezzled more than $116,000 from the company that employed her.

White collar crimes filed against music director Robin DiMaggio

Whether in Michigan or another state, facing criminal charges for embezzlement could have dire consequences. Authorities report that Robin DiMaggio, music director for the Arsenio Hall Show on TV and also formerly for the United Nations, was recently arrested and charged with white collar crimes allegedly committed in 2016. The complaint indicates that the charges involve embezzlement of funds meant for displaced and homeless children.

Woman pleads guilty to white collar crimes charges

When times are tough, people in Michigan and other states might find ways to deal with overwhelming debts. They take money to which they are not entitled -- usually with the intention to replace it. However, these matters frequently snowball, and when they become unmanageable, white collar crimes charges could follow. A 43-year-old woman in another state, who became entangled in such crimes, recently pleaded guilty to federal charges that could potentially send her to prison for 30 years.

White-collar crimes: Telemarketer admits to real estate scam

Following the recent guilty plea of the mastermind of a real estate scam, a woman now also admitted to playing a role in the nationwide scam. According to court documents, she was employed as a salesperson and later promoted to sales manager for a business called American Standard -- owned by a former Ataris rock band bass player. She will face white-collar crimes charges under the federal SCAMS Act. She has already pleaded guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and mail fraud.

Retirement planner accused of committing white-collar crimes

Anyone in Michigan who is the subject of a criminal investigation will likely explore the available defense options. When allegations include white-collar crimes, defending charges might be complicated. Fraud is one type of white-collar crime that typically comprises misrepresentations, false statements or deceitful conduct. Prosecutors will accuse the defendant of gaining money or property by deceiving or misleading the rightful owner.

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