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White Collar Crimes Archives

White-collar crimes: 3 plead guilty in federal court

Prosecutors in Michigan say three people pleaded guilty in federal court recently to charges related to providing fake identity documents to people who were not in the country legally. Reportedly, convictions on the white-collar crimes charges they face could see each of the three defendants behind bars for up to 15 years. Two of the defendants are a father and son from West Michigan, and the third defendant is from another state.

Fugitive returned to U.S. to face white-collar crimes charges

Professionals or entrepreneurs in Michigan might be interested in a case involving one of the individuals on the most wanted fugitives list of the Feds. This case involves alleged white-collar crimes committed by a couple who operated a company that provided nursing homes with medical equipment. The husband was recently arraigned in a federal court after he was expelled from another country to which he fled a decade ago while his wife was convicted and incarcerated on charges of defrauding Medicaid and Medicare.

White collar crimes: What are the elements of embezzlement?

Arrests for embezzlement are frequently reported in the media nationwide, including in Michigan. What defines embezzlement? Classified as one of a number of white collar crimes, it mostly occurs in corporate settings. It usually involves a person who is responsible for handling assets and in a position of trust. Those who face embezzlement charges are typically accused of converting business property with which they were entrusted to their own use for personal gain.

White collar crimes: Farmer accused of insurance fraud

Indictments in federal courts in Michigan and elsewhere do not constitute guilt. Instead, they are only accusations. Defendants are constitutionally guaranteed the presumption of innocence unless and until prosecutors actually prove otherwise in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. This applies to all criminal cases, involving those concerning allegations of white collar crimes.

White collar crimes: Doctor accused of Medicare Fraud

People in Michigan might be interested in a case that was recently filed by federal prosecutors in another state. It is one of many cases in which medical professionals are accused of committing white collar crimes. A doctor faces Medicare fraud charges under the False Claims Act. Prosecutors allege the defendant risked the lives of patients while he also submitted false claims.

White-collar crimes charges need a strong defense

Destroyed careers, massive fines, restitution payments and incarceration can follow a conviction for fraud or embezzlement in Michigan. That applies to all types of white-collar crimes. The term refers to cheating and dishonesty, and anyone -- from accounting clerks in small businesses, business professionals, politicians and top executives -- could find themselves accused of white-collar crimes.

White collar crimes: Woman faces federal mail fraud charge

Embezzlement is a type of fraud that occurs when a person wrongfully takes property from someone with whom he or she has a fiduciary relationship, and converts it to his or her own account. Convictions on white collar crimes charges such as embezzlement can be detrimental to the personal and professional life of anyone in Michigan or elsewhere. A 55-year-old woman in another state is facing a federal charge of mail fraud that involves embezzlement.

White collar crimes: Seniors lost investments of over $13 million

A bill was recently proposed to establish a Senior Investor Taskforce that will endeavor to protect investors in Michigan and other states who are older than 65. An FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge says the vulnerability of the senior members of the society makes them targets of fraudulent schemes and white collar crimes. The comment followed the arrest of a 58-year-old man who allegedly orchestrated several fraud schemes causing substantial losses to at least 17 elderly clients.

White collar crimes: Doctor pleads not guilty in federal court

Amid the growing national opioid epidemic, the U.S. Department of Labor became suspicious when it was determined that the Federal Employees' Compensation Act's spending on compound medicines skyrocketed from $2 million in 2011 to $263 million in 2016. A federal investigation was launched, and Michigan readers might be interested to know that a general surgeon in another state is one of several doctors under federal indictment for white collar crimes. The labor department alleges this doctor is part of an alleged scam that arranged false prescriptions for U.S. armed service members for compound medications they did not need -- to the value of $39.7 million.

Bulk mail scheme operators face white collar crimes charges

Anyone in Michigan who learns that he or she is being investigated for fraud will want to secure criminal defense counsel -- even before an arrest. Hefty fines, restitution orders and even incarceration can follow a conviction, and acting early may prevent or limit any consequences. Three men in another state who are accused of white collar crimes are facing federal charges for alleged postal fraud conducted over a period of approximately five years.

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