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Our client was accused of assault with intent to murder. With his initial attorney, client went to trial and was convicted by the jury. Frank Stanley was hired before sentencing and was able to find a resolution where the client was able to complete a period of probation, the client's record was cleared and all charges were dropped. More Cases and Results.
Frank Stanley practices in federal and Michigan trial and appellate courts. Frank Stanley handles serious felonies, including murder, assault, drugs, sex crimes, white collar crimes, and Internet crimes. Frank Stanley wins for his clients.
Client convicted in federal court for manufacture of ecstasy. Another attorney represented the client. Sentenced to 12 years. Frank Stanley came in for the appeal.
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Defending You From Serious Criminal Charges

What to Do Immediately

What you do from the moment you think there is a problem through the first 24 hours makes all the difference.

Call The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, right away, before you talk to anyone. This will give you critical information to protect yourself. This call is free. Mr. Stanley will help you be certain that you do not say or do anything that will negatively impact you. It is possible to prevent charges from even being filed against you.

If the Police Want to Talk to You

You have the right to remain silent. Use it. The police can and will do whatever they can to get you to make a statement. Tell them that you will not speak with them without an attorney. Period.

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If You are Under Investigation for a Crime

Do not try to talk your way out of it, even if law enforcement encourages you. They are trying to build a case against you. “Anything you say can and will be used against you” is part of the statement they must make to you. Believe it. Get a lawyer before any interview.

If You Have Been Charged With a Crime

The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, provides criminal defense representation for serious offenses, including homicide and other violent offenses, as well as sex offenses, drug offenses and white collar crimes. Call and find out more as you look for the right attorney. There are many attorneys. Unfortunately, many of them are not effective. I have built my practice on knowledge, skill, understanding of the law and commitment.

In one of many successes against intense odds, the firm defended a military officer charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl at a shopping mall. The firm negotiated a plea to a nonsexual assault crime, meaning no sex offender registration for the client. The client successfully completed a short period of probation, and the whole incident was eventually removed from his record. Learn more about this and other successes.

Case Study: Criminal Sexual Conduct

Military officer charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl at a mall.


Mr. Stanley negotiated a plea to a nonsexual assault. This meant no sex offender registration for the client, a key win. Later, Mr. Stanley won further relief, having the matter removed from the client’s record. Learn more about this and other successes.