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Are You Facing Charges For A Sex Crime?

Grand Rapids sex crimes defense attorney, Frank Stanley has more than 30 years of experience defending clients accused of sex offenses. Clients in Michigan and nationwide turn to The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, for successful representation in these challenging and often high-profile felony cases.

In one of many successes in sex crime cases, the firm defended a client charged with two life sentence offenses of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and one 15-year sentence offense of second-degree criminal sexual conduct. The alleged victim was his stepdaughter. The client had confessed three times — once to police. At trial, the firm convinced the jury that there was reasonable doubt about the client’s guilt, and the client was found not guilty against overwhelming odds. Explore more about this and other successes.

Get Aggressive Defense Against All Sex Crime Charges

Any type of sexual offense is extremely volatile because of the very nature of the allegations. Many modern state laws prohibiting sexual assault have taken basic rape statutes and developed a series of sex-related crimes, making matters even more complex.

Attorney Frank Stanley and his legal team defend against all sex crime charges, including:

  • Solicitation of a minor — In Michigan, any person who attempts to entice, solicit or otherwise compel a person under the age of 16 to perform a sexual act is said to have accosted a child for an immoral purpose. Ignorance of a child’s age is not a defense.
  • Child and Internet pornography — Individuals charged with looking at or distributing child pornography on the Internet need an attorney skilled in handling these types of cases. Timing is critical because these cases are often complex.
  • Sexual assault and rape — In Michigan, the consequences of rape, sexual assault or sexual battery charge are severe. Whether the situation involves date rape or sexual imposition, a strong defense requires the ability to undermine the case against a client without appearing unfeeling to the jury.
  • Date rape and sexual imposition — Allegations of date rape are not uncommon on college and university campuses. Frequently alcohol is involved. In Michigan, it is illegal to have sexual intercourse with a person who is incapable of consenting. Because a person who intoxicated on drugs or alcohol can be considered unable to consent, it is critical to hire a skilled attorney right away if you have been accused of date rape.
  • Public indecency — Indecent exposure laws in Michigan are very broad and cover a wide variety of behaviors. Whether the exposure was intentional or not, the penalties for this crime are serious, with consequences that could haunt a person.

The Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) requires that those convicted of most sex offenses register as a sex offender. This is in addition to incarceration and other penalties. Sex offender registration can often have more of a life-changing impact than other penalties.

Lack of witnesses does not prevent prosecution. Many sexual assault cases are “he said, she said” cases, as there are no witnesses. Sexual assault cases are usually prosecuted — even where the evidence seems weak or the accuser lacks credibility. Some people do make up false charges, but their motives to do so are wide and varied: jealousy, revenge and simply to get attention — to name a few examples. Sometimes no motive is apparent. Such allegations can be made by adults or children. The firm has experience rooting out these motives and gathering the facts necessary to defend the wrongly accused.

Free Consultation With A Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer

Sex offense allegations are challenging to defend against. If you have been accused of a sexual assault or any other sex crime, you cannot afford to take shortcuts with your defense. The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, has the expertise necessary to handle even the most complex sex crime cases. Call 616-773-2702 or reach out online to schedule a confidential free, no-obligation consultation.