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Skilled Legal Representation For Computer Crimes

Every crime comes with certain penalties, but those penalties can be enhanced in certain circumstances. In modern times, one of the most common examples is the use of the Internet and computers. Crimes committed using these modern tools are subject to enhanced penalties. For example, the crime of solicitation of a minor might ordinarily be subject to a four-year sentence. If the solicitation occurred online, through a chat room or instant messenger, the length of the sentence is nearly double.

The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, brings more than 30 years of criminal defense experience to cases involving allegations of computer and Internet crimes. The firm has handled these tech-heavy cases for clients in Michigan and nationwide.

Internet Sex Crimes

The most common Internet and computer crimes are sex offenses. These include:

The firm can defend against all Internet sex crime charges.

Internet Fraud

White collar crimes, such as fraud, commonly involve the use of computers and the internet. These cases may involve Craigslist and online auction sites, such as eBay, among others. The firm has the knowledge to handle any online fraud case.

Tech-Savvy Attorney For Your Case

Not only are the penalties more intense in computer and online crime cases, the evidence is more technical, adding another layer of challenge. Attorney Frank Stanley and his legal team are up to the challenge. The firm frequently starts by attacking the technological component, often bringing in experts to help us review all evidence and assess its strength.

There are very real defenses in these cases. Law enforcement wants people to believe that computers can positively connect them to crimes. This is not necessarily true. All a computer does is connects the crime to a specific IP address, not a specific user. The fact of the matter is that a personal computer with a file sharing program is essentially a computer that is open to the world. Hackers and sophisticated child pornography traffickers can easily access these computers — and often do to hide their trail. In their wake, they leave files. The firm strives to demonstrate that the evidence against the accused cannot be absolutely tied to the accused.

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