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Are You Facing Charges For Embezzlement?

Embezzlement occurs when a person wrongfully takes property and converts it to his or her own use. It is different than burglary, however, because the property is acquired legally, but is later converted to another’s personal use. This typically occurs among people who have fiduciary relationships. In short, embezzlement is a form of fraud.

Attorney Frank Stanley has more than 30 years of criminal defense experience and has built a reputation for providing outstanding, personalized service. He has protected the rights and reputations of white collar workers throughout Michigan for many years — workers just like you. If you are facing embezzlement charges, you need a lawyer who understands the system, a lawyer who will uncover all of the facts, and a lawyer who has an impressive history of success defending clients against fraud charges.

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Do You Need A Fraud Defense Lawyer?

Employee theft is a common form of embezzlement. For example, an employee who deposits a check in the incorrect account, a clerk who keeps a customer’s refund or a CFO who misappropriates company funds all could face embezzlement charges.

Get experienced legal help immediately if you have been accused of:

  • Spending from client funds or escrow accounts
  • Inaccurately reporting profits or tax liability
  • Creating fictitious employees
  • Altering receipts, transaction data or account information
  • Covering up wrongful transactions

There has been a crackdown on white collar crime in Michigan with prosecutors seeking to deter embezzlers by pursuing stiff penalties. For example, in addition to losing your job and damaging your professional reputation, a conviction could result in significant fines and an extended prison term.

Attorney Frank Stanley defends politicians, managers, top executives and individual contributors who are facing business crime charges.

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