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Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

If you face domestic assault charges anywhere in west Michigan, you are strongly encouraged to contact Michigan domestic violence attorney Frank E. Stanley to schedule a consultation. Call the law firm’s office at 616-773-2702; toll free at 800-667-5546; after hours or on weekends at 616-540-0007. The sooner you have a knowledgeable attorney on your side, the more likely it is that your case will end in the most favorable outcome available in your domestic assault case such as the following:

  • Family violence and assault
  • Domestic sexual assault
  • Harassment and stalking
  • Spousal abuse

Domestic Assault Charges Often Strike Without Warning

Michigan’s broad and liberal statute regarding domestic assault results in many accusations against people who never anticipated the need for a criminal defense attorney. Ordinary people often become involved in emotional relationships that lead them to act in otherwise uncharacteristic ways. Families frequently find themselves in crisis on weekends or at night, when criminal defense attorneys may be out of their offices. Actions and events occurring in the first 24 hours after a call to the police are often critical to the final outcome of a case.

What If the Alleged Victim Recants? The Charges Remain In Place.

Even when a wife, girlfriend, or domestic partner recants the accusations, once the state files charges, it is the state’s case, not the alleged victim’s case. Attorney Stanley has the experience needed to mount a vigorous defense that ensures that the rights of the accused are fully protected at every stage of the case.

Stalking: Unwanted, Repeated Contact

Sometimes charges of stalking are linked to charges of domestic assault. In other cases, stalking involves strangers with no previous relationship to an alleged victim. Stalking is a serious charge that may lead directly to a 5-year felony sentence. Stalking can be defined as unwanted, repeated contact by phone, in person, or in other ways. The affected person may or may not be an ex-wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or domestic partner. Sometimes what is thought to be stalking is in fact sexual harassment, a civil offense.

Attorney Frank E. Stanley Offers The Benefit Of A Track Record Of Success

The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC has successfully defended quite a few people accused of domestic assault, stalking, Internet stalking, and/or assault charges such as child physical abuse, domestic sexual assault or date rape.

Contact Michigan domestic violence attorney Frank E. Stanley to arrange for a meeting to discuss your legal issues and concerns. Call the law firm’s office at 616-773-2702; toll free at 800-667-5546; after hours or on weekends at 616-540-0007.

If you have already been convicted on a child pornography or Internet child pornography charge, inquire about Attorney Stanley’s practice in appeals, ineffective assistance of counsel, and challenges to federal sentencing guidelines.