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Know Your Rights

You have rights. You are not helpless. The police or the prosecutor will try to get you to waive those rights. Do not waive anything. We will protect your rights.

  • Do not talk to the police. Talking with the police will only make your situation worse. The police want to talk with you so that they can learn information that can be used against you. If you are being investigated, the police are not your friends.
  • If you are in custody, you have the constitutional right to remain silent. The police will read you what are called Miranda warnings. Do not waive your right to remain silent. Do not sign a Miranda card.
  • Ask to speak to your attorney. The police cannot legally question you if you ask for an attorney. Call us. We will protect you.
  • Do not consent to a search of your home or vehicle. The police will often ask you for permission to search. They will sometimes threaten you if you do not give permission. Do not give consent. Do tell the police that you need to speak to your attorney. Do not listen to the police when they tell you that you do not need an attorney. Do not listen to the police when they tell you that you must have something to hide because you will not let them search.
  • Do not voluntarily talk with the police. Police will often approach you and ask to talk to you. You do not have to talk with them. Tell the police that you have to leave. If they detain you, tell them you must talk with your lawyer. Do not volunteer information. We will protect you.
  • People in trouble are often their own worst enemies. 99% of the time, you cannot help yourself. You cannot talk your way out of trouble. Instead of helping the police by talking with them. We will protect you.
  • If the police detain you but don’t arrest you, try to end the encounter as soon as possible. Ask to leave. Ask to speak to your attorney. Refuse to talk or cooperate with the police in any way.
  • If you are arrested, be calm. Do not panic. Do not talk to the police. Do not call family members or friends and ask them to destroy or hide evidence. Calls made from police locations are monitored. As soon as possible, have your family members contact us. We will find out what is happening and we will protect you.
  • If someone is placed in the cruiser or in a cell with you, do not talk about your case. Conversations in cruisers are often recorded or filmed. Informants are often placed in cells to try to get information from you.

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