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Defense For Those Facing Arson Charges

With more than 30 years of criminal defense experience, The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, defends clients accused of the property crime of arson. The firm has successfully handled these serious and surprisingly complex felony cases for clients in Michigan and nationwide.

The firm is particularly well-positioned to represent clients accused of arson. Attorney Frank Stanley is a chemical and explosives expert. This knowledge comes into play frequently in investigating and zealously defending clients in fire cases and has proven critical to the firm’s success. Explore more about the firm’s successes.

Defining Arson

Arson is the crime of willfully, wrongfully and unjustifiably setting property on fire. A fire caused by accident or ordinary carelessness is not considered arson. However, people whose reckless actions lead to a fire may find themselves accused of arson.

Arson is often tied to other crimes. In many cases, it is committed for the purpose of fraud, specifically insurance fraud. The accused may be prosecuted for both crimes. Sometimes, arson is committed to destroy evidence of another crime. Heightened penalties may be involved in these cases. If the arson leads to the death of a person, the arsonist may be charged with homicide. The firm can defend against all charges.

Handling These Intensely Prosecuted Cases

Arson crimes are extremely well-prosecuted. Of course, the prosecuting attorney will be handling the case, as usual. The difference is that because a property may have been destroyed or seriously damaged, an insurance company and its investigators may also be working against the accused. All parties will move quickly, so it is important that the accused move quickly as well, particularly in retaining an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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