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Experience Defending Clients In Grand Rapids

The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, handles 20 to 50 cases a year, as opposed to the 200 that most criminal defense attorneys handle a year. This exclusivity is critical for two reasons:

  • Success takes time. Designing a strategy to defend against homicide and other violent crime charges, sex offenses, drug offenses, white collar crimes and other charges is not something that can be done in a couple of days, let alone a couple of hours. Successful defense against serious felonies takes time, and the firm is willing to take that time. That is why the firm has built such a strong record of success.
  • Communication is important. Communication is sometimes half the battle when representing clients accused of crimes. Clients need to know where they stand at all times so they can properly consider all options and make good decisions. You can count on attorney Frank Stanley and his experienced team to explain the process to you and remain in communication with you from the start of your case to the finish.

Benefit From More Than 30 Years Of Criminal Defense Experience

If your case is accepted by The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, you will be represented by a lawyer with over 30 years of experience devoted specifically to criminal defense.

Attorney Frank Stanley has successfully represented clients at levels as high as the Supreme Court. Finding an attorney who has appeared in Supreme Court is rare, let alone one who has won. The reality of the serious cases the firm handles means that attorney Frank Stanley is constantly in court, taking action to defend the firm’s clients.

In addition to receiving the full attention of attorney Frank Stanley, you will benefit from the powerful full efforts of the firm’s entire legal team, including highly experienced investigators and the leading expert witnesses, including forensics and computer experts. Furthermore, attorney Frank Stanley himself is a chemicals and explosives expert.

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