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Burglary, Robbery And Other Theft Crimes

With more than 30 years of criminal defense experience, The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, defends clients accused of theft and all related property offenses. The firm has successfully handled these serious felony cases for clients in Michigan and nationwide.

In one of many successes in theft and other property crime cases, the firm defended a client accused not only of larceny from a building and breaking and entering, but also of assault. The client also had a lengthy prior record, which meant the potential punishment, if convicted, would be life in prison. The firm took one of the cases to trial. The result was a not guilty verdict. Explore more about this and other successes.

Defense Against All Theft Charges

Depending on the situation, theft charges can be filed in either state or federal court. The federal criminal process and the penalties that may be imposed vary greatly from state law procedures and sentencing. The firm is experienced in federal courts throughout the United States. The firm is fully versed in the federal rules of criminal procedure and has the knowledge and skill to move quickly toward a positive outcome.

Attorney Frank Stanley and his legal team defend against all theft charges, including:

  • Theft of services and theft of property
  • Grand theft
  • Armed robbery
  • Bank robbery
  • Burglary

The firm also handles theft cases that are considered white collar crimes such as embezzlement and identity theft.

The firm is skilled at handling high-tech theft cases. These cases include cyber theft, which is the act of using an online computer service, such as one on the Internet, to steal someone else’s property or to interfere with someone else’s use and enjoyment of property.

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