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Child Pornography Possession Charges in Grand Rapids

People charged with possession of child pornography know the repercussions for this serious sex crime. They know that, if convicted, they are facing incarceration and sex offender registration. The concerns go much deeper than that though. People charged with this crime are worried about how even being charged will impact their relationships with their spouse or fiancé, their employer and even the people in their community.

The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, offers more than 30 years of criminal defense experience to clients accused of child pornography possession. Clients in Michigan and nationwide enlist the firm to handle these life changing and often high-profile felony cases.

Defense Strategies in Child Pornography Possession Cases

In many situations, the person accused of possessing child pornography was simply looking for legal adult pornography. Either they stumbled upon illegal pornography unknowingly or they were unaware that illegal pornography was downloaded to their computer. Unfortunately, although this may be the case, it is not a defense strategy.

Attorney Frank Stanley and his legal team are well-versed in the defense strategies that do work, strategies that often require significant technical research and fact-finding. The firm defends people against possession charges, as well as those cases that spiral into charges of distribution and manufacturing of child pornography.

In one of many successes in child porn possession cases, the firm defended a client caught with illegal pornography files on his computer. After the client went through a significant amount of counseling, the firm negotiated the outcome to the lowest possible sentence — significantly less than what the client could have faced. The firm is currently seeking an additional sentence reduction based on a recent United States Supreme Court decision. Explore more about this and other successes.

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