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You Can Take Action After a Conviction

The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, has been recognized for its post-conviction practice and for its success in helping clients convicted of state or federal crimes seek post-conviction relief. The firm frequently represents clients in Michigan and nationwide who were first tried years earlier.

In one of many successes in post-conviction matters, the firm represented a client convicted of assault with intent to commit murder for shooting at a DNR officer with a high-powered rifle. The firm was retained prior to sentencing and was able to get the verdict set aside due to the ineffective assistance of the previous lawyer. The firm then negotiated an outcome that involved probation, which was successfully completed, and the client’s record was cleared and all charges were dropped. Learn more about this and other successes.

Appeals and Post-Conviction Remedies

Appeals are the first step to overcoming a wrongful criminal conviction. However, appeals are not the only opportunities available post-conviction.

Post-conviction remedies give people convicted of crime an opportunity to get relief from their conviction after their conviction has been affirmed on appeal. The most obvious source of relief is an ineffective assistance of counsel claim where the prisoner alleges that his or her trial or appellate lawyer failed a duty to the client and the client was prejudiced by it.

A post-conviction petition cannot be filed until the direct appeal is complete. If the prisoner loses the appeal, the next step is a habeas corpus petition in U.S. District Court. Under the federal law, the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA), the habeas corpus petition must be filed in federal court within 10 months of the affirmance by the state appellate court of the post-conviction denial. This is also jurisdictional. Cases are lost all the time because the issues are not filed on time in the appropriate court. Attorney Frank Stanley and his legal team know their way through this procedural maze and will protect your rights.

The firm also handles other post-arrest and post-conviction matters, including expungement.

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