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Vigorous Defense For Those Accused Of Child Abuse

If you face Michigan charges of child abuse, lawyer Frank E. Stanley is prepared to defend you vigorously at every stage of your case in state or federal courts. Contact child abuse lawyer Frank Stanley by calling 616-773-2702; call toll free 800-667-5546; or call 616-540-0007 after hours or on weekends.

Early Defense Offers The Best Prospect Of A Favorable Outcome

The sooner you have a knowledgeable child abuse lawyer on your side, the more likely it is that you will have a favorable outcome to your case involving physical abuse of children or any other child-related offense such as solicitation of a minor using the Internet, or minor child enticement.

Laws And Courts Seek To Protect The Child; Frank Stanley Protects The Rights Of The Accused

Any sign of suspected physical abuse must be reported to the authorities by responsible parties such as teachers, counselors, or police officers. If a school employee sees a red mark on a child’s face and suspects physical abuse, that person is obliged to notify law enforcement.

Advocating On The Side Of Civil Rights Of Defendants

The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC vigorously defends people accused of violation of Michigan child abuse laws. A client who has struck a teenage son or daughter in an attempt to save a younger child from harm, for example, can expect the full protection of his civil rights when Attorney Stanley serves as the family violence attorney.

If You Are Under Suspicion Of Or Have Been Charged With Physical Child Abuse

Contact us to arrange for a meeting to discuss your legal issues and concerns if you are under suspicion or have been charged with physical child abuse, or any other crime involving family violence, alleged child victims, or sex crimes, including spousal abuse, domestic assault charges, or Internet sex crime charges of any kind.

Post-Conviction Relief

If you have already been convicted on charges of child abuse, inquire about Attorney Stanley’s practice in appeals, ineffective assistance of counsel, and challenges to federal sentencing guidelines.

Call the law firm’s office at 616-773-2702; toll free at 800-667-5546; after hours or on weekends at 616-540-0007.