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Serious Penalties For Drug Trafficking In Michigan

The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, provides aggressive, experienced criminal defense representation to anyone charged with drug manufacturing or drug trafficking in Grand Rapids and throughout Michigan. Attorney Frank Stanley understands the consequences of a drug crime conviction, including significant fines and lengthy prison sentences. When you retain our firm, you will benefit from more than 30 years of criminal defense experience and you will receive one-on-one, personalized attention.

Act Quickly To Protect Your Rights

Do not delay in seeking legal representation — the state’s prosecutors are already preparing their case. What you do in the first 24 hours can make a big difference, but everyone charged with a serious drug crime should know that it is never too late to get a knowledgeable lawyer on his or her side.

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Drug Manufacturing And Trafficking Penalties

Most drug trafficking and drug manufacturing charges are classified as felonies under Michigan law. As a result, these crimes carry harsh penalties, including penalties that extend well beyond fines and prison terms such as:

  • Difficulty securing or maintaining employment
  • Difficulty securing housing
  • Forfeiture of property
  • Damage to your reputation or family life

With so much at stake, you deserve to be represented by an attorney who will put forth the best defense possible.

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Whether you are accused of cultivating illegal narcotics at your home or trafficking drugs across state lines or into Canada, our firm is ready to mount a strong defense on your behalf.

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