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Arrested For Soliciting A Minor?

The crime of solicitation of a minor, technically referred to as accosting for an immoral purpose, is being charged more commonly. Most cases involve the Internet and the use of e-mail, instant messengers and online chat rooms. There are teams of law enforcement officers scouring the World Wide Web for people to charge with these crimes. The people who are charged face extremely serious consequences, if convicted.

The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, offers more than 30 years of criminal defense experience to clients accused of solicitation of a minor on, or off, the Internet. The firm has handled these intense and often high-profile felony cases for clients in Michigan and nationwide.

Sexual Solicitation With A Computer Or Without

Solicitation of a minor is a serious crime no matter what, with consequences that include the life-changing impact of sex offender registration. However, these charges become even more serious when a computer is involved.

Use of a computer enhances the penalties associated with a sex crime or any other type of crime. Solicitation of a minor is typically a four-year sentence offense. If the allegations involve use of a computer, and they typically do these days, the sentence goes up to seven years — nearly double what it is if there is no computer involved. Attorney Frank Stanley and his legal team understand these details and use their knowledge to overcome the odds in these cases.

In one of many successes in Internet solicitation cases, the firm defended a client who used a computer to arrange a sexual encounter with a minor. The client was arrested by police in a hotel room with the minor. A search of the room turned up strong evidence, and the client admitted to previous sexual contact with the minor. Despite the possibility of a 15-year or life sentence, the firm persuaded the judge to issue a more lenient outcome. The client served only five months in jail. Explore more about this and other successes.

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