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Was Your Defense Attorney Ineffective?

Did your defense attorney’s ineffective counsel result in an unnecessarily harsh penalty? Were you sentenced to additional years of prison based on evidence that should have been suppressed in trial?

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6500 Motions Of Relief For Judgment On The Basis Of Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel

The prospect of lawyers bringing charges of legal misconduct against other attorneys is a sensitive matter. Many lawyers may hesitate to defend clients to the utmost degree through filing of 6500 motions of relief for judgment for ineffective lawyering. Michiganites in need of advocacy related to ineffective assistance of counsel have a valuable resource in The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, in Grand Rapids.

When A Lawyer’s Error Has Caused The Accused To Receive Inappropriate Sentences

Attorney Stanley has devoted his career to aggressive defense of the wrongly accused and wrongly convicted. When another lawyer’s error has caused an appellate client of The Law Firm of Frank Stanley, PC, to receive an inappropriate sentence, Attorney Stanley is prepared to bring charges of legal malpractice by way of 6500 motions for ineffective lawyering. Attorney Stanley has won relief from judgment for a number of clients in state and federal court in cases involving ineffective assistance of counsel.

Contact Michigan federal criminal appeals attorney Frank Stanley to arrange for a meeting to discuss your legal issues and concerns regarding post-conviction relief related to sentences for charges of drug, domestic assault, or sex crimes.