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Michigan ex-spouses charged with healthcare fraud

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2017 | White Collar Crimes |

When it comes to money, corporations doing business in Michigan are aggressive about protecting what they feel belong to them. They often enlist law enforcement to pursue white collar charges against individuals, whether employees or customers, they believe stole from them.

A Michigan woman has been charged with healthcare fraud in connection to her former husband’s health insurance. Blue Cross Blue Shield claims that the woman remained on her ex-husband’s insurance after they got divorced, and that the ex-husband did not inform Blue Cross about the divorce.

The woman, 47, apparently has significant health challenges. Michigan State Police accuse her of making $113,000 in claims for medication and other medical services over about 15 months, WXMI-TV reports.

Officers arrested both exes on fraud charges. They each face up to four years in prison if convicted.

White collar charges must be taken very seriously. Just because the accusations do not involve physical violence or drug use does not mean that your freedom and rights are not at stake. Typical punishments for white collar crime include lengthy prison sentences and large fines. Once you have finished your sentence, your reputation in the business community could be ruined, effectively ending your career.

Trying to take on white collar charges alone could lead to disaster. If you have been arrested, or even if you are currently being investigated, your next move should be to contact a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with white collar law. That is how you protect your due process rights and mount a sturdy defense.