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July 2020 Archives

Mayor and wife indicted on federal white collar crimes charges

When professionals and others in public positions in Michigan or elsewhere face federal charges, the effect on their personal and professional lives could be severe. One such case occurred in another state where a mayor and his wife face white collar crimes charges. The couple was recently indicted in federal court.

Charter school director admits to committing white collar crimes

Michigan residents may be aware of a case in another state where more than $1.3 million was embezzled from a for-profit charter school. Federal prosecutors allege that a former executive director of the school used money meant for the school's accounts for personal enrichment. The woman reached a plea agreement with prosecution on the day the federal charges for white collar crimes were filed against her, indicating to the court that she would enter a guilty plea. 

Charges for felonies dismissed, accused woman sues for damages

Michigan residents will likely have empathy with a woman in another state who faced charges related to embezzlement and conspiracy, which were later dismissed. However, the harm that the arrest caused to her personal life and career could not be reversed. As soon as she was arrested for the felonies, her employers terminated her employment.

Understand and protect yourself against prescription fraud

Prescription fraud is a big problem in the medical field, because it could mean that restricted prescriptions are making it out into the general population in large amounts. As a medical provider, it is your responsibility to understand if and when a patient should take a certain medication. Overprescribing to patients, taking bribes or receiving kickbacks can all lead to trouble. 

White collar crimes: Indictments in $1.4B hospital testing fraud

Allegations of the fraudulent billing of $1.4 billion for medical tests recently resulted in the indictment of 10 people. Michigan residents who follow white collar crimes cases might be interested to learn more about this case. According to the charges, 10 people were accused of conspiring in a scheme to bill private health insurers for fraudulent laboratory tests.

Michigan man's 3rd arrest on illegal gambling-related felonies

The Michigan Gaming Control Board and the state's Department of Attorney General conducted a joint investigation into the activities of a man who was allegedly involved in illegal gambling activities. Reportedly, the 57-year-old was arrested on similar charges on two prior occasions. Following the current investigation, the man was arrested and charged with several felonies.

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