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Mayor and wife indicted on federal white collar crimes charges

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2020 | White Collar Crimes |

When professionals and others in public positions in Michigan or elsewhere face federal charges, the effect on their personal and professional lives could be severe. One such case occurred in another state where a mayor and his wife face white collar crimes charges. The couple was recently indicted in federal court.

The charges against them reportedly arose from the couple’s solicitations to obtain donations for a mental health project run in the name of an LLC they formed in 2018. It is alleged that the money they raised were not used for the purpose of funding the program. They apparently used the services of local media to promote the project, promising to use donations to create safe facilities to conduct mental health counseling.

Instead, the investigation is said to have revealed that the funds were used for personal enrichment that included the purchase of a pet dog and a new car. State and federal investigators worked together on this case. The charges on which the two were indicted include conspiracy along with multiple counts of fraud for transfers of donated funds into their business account, and withdrawals of those funds to cover personal expenses.

If the couple is convicted, they will likely be sentenced to incarceration. Professional or public figures in Michigan who face fraud or embezzlement charges typically retain legal counsel at the first opportunity, as the first line of defense is securing the advocacy of a criminal defense attorney. The sensible choice of legal counsel would be one who has extensive experience in defending clients who face accusations of white collar crimes in federal court.