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September 2020 Archives

Felonies: Michigan man facing charges after recent incidents

Michigan police are continuing an investigation of a string of events that occurred after they were to called to a business location just before 9 a.m. on a recent Monday. The officers were told that a vehicle had just been stolen while the car's owner was inside the business. Police reportedly saw the vehicle in question travel past their location while they were conducting preliminary investigations. A 32-year-old man is now facing several felonies in connection with the stolen car and other incidents. 

Husband and wife indicted on various felony charges

Facing health-care fraud charges in Michigan and other states could have severe consequences. One such a case in another state involves a husband and wife, both practicing chiropractors. A federal jury recently indicted the couple and eight other individuals on various felony charges. It is alleged that the acts of fraud date back to 2011.

Former county prosecutor faces white collar crimes charges

Federal criminal charges were recently filed against a former prosecutor in Macomb County. Reportedly, the defendant plans to plead guilty to white collar crimes charges of federal obstruction of justice. The charges arose from the former Michigan prosecutor's attempts to cover up the theft of $70,000.

Understanding the laws on cocaine trafficking

Drug trafficking is considered to be one of the most serious crimes that you can commit. This is because drug addiction is a huge problem across the United States, and it leads to huge bouts of deaths. In addition, addiction is believed to fuel crime and petty theft. Due to the seriousness of the crime of drug trafficking, it is considered to be a federal crime, which means that the laws are decided by Congress, and they apply to all states.

10-year-old girl's death leads to felony charges against driver

Following a fatal Michigan car accident in July, the driver who allegedly caused the death of a 10-year-old girl is now facing felony charges. According to court documents, the accident occurred in an intersection in Warren on July 25. Prosecutors claim that the reckless driving of the defendant caused the young girl's death.

White collar crimes: 3 who allegedly posed as pastors indicted

Although most people nationwide, including Michigan, know to steer clear of Ponzi schemes, there are frequent reports of people losing millions after investing their money with the hopes to getting high returns. A federal indictment that was unsealed recently alleges that three men committed white collar crimes by posing as pastors and convincing people in their congregations to invest millions of dollars. Facing charges for white-collar-crimes is serious, and the alleged fraudsters will likely seek skilled legal counsel.

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