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Husband and wife indicted on various felony charges

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2020 | Felonies |

Facing health-care fraud charges in Michigan and other states could have severe consequences. One such a case in another state involves a husband and wife, both practicing chiropractors. A federal jury recently indicted the couple and eight other individuals on various felony charges. It is alleged that the acts of fraud date back to 2011.

Court documents show allegations that the chiropractors helped patients to obtain disability benefits by exaggerating the severity of their medical conditions. Furthermore, they are accused of arranging for patients to undergo unnecessary tests and medical treatment that bolstered their medical records. Eight others, some of whom were patients, were also indicted.

According to federal prosecutors, they helped a patient in 2011 obtain Social Security disability benefits and also benefits from a private business, along with $100,000 in insurance payouts. They claim the two chiropractors were paid by the patients for providing these services. The felony charges the 10 defendants face include health care fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, theft of government funds and more. There is also a firearms charge on which the one chiropractor was indicted after investigators searched his office and seized a shotgun.

Defending felony charges at the federal level is complicated, and anyone in Michigan who faces similar charges will undoubtedly be advised to secure the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Only if and when the prosecutors can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt could a conviction take place. Experienced legal counsel might be able to prevent that, or else negotiate lesser charges and favorable sentencing considerations.