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February 2020 Archives

Post-conviction matters: Man exonerated after 30 years in prison

In Nov. 1987, a woman reported being attacked by a man who got into her car in Michigan. She said that she was waiting in her car while her son went into a store. This is one of many cases in which an experienced attorney's focus on post-conviction matters led to the exoneration of a wrongly-convicted individual. In this case, misidentification by the victim led to a prison sentence of an innocent man who was recently exonerated after about 30 years of incarceration.

Computer and internet crimes growing at an alarming rate

Cybercrimes cost companies and even individuals nationwide, including Michigan, billions of dollars each year. Cybercrimes is a collective term for computer and internet crimes. The anonymity offered by the internet along with the rapid advance of technology has made unsuspecting people targets of hackers who gain remote access to their homes. This could lead to the owners of hacked personal computers to be suspected of committing or participating in cybercrimes that investigators traced back to their computers.

What are the different types of Medicare fraud?

Medicare fraud is a huge problem across the United States. There are many forms of Medicare and Medicaid fraud, but the action usually involves some form of identity theft. Therefore, people can fall victim to identity fraud because they have their Medicare number or another form of personal identifying information stolen very easily.

Man facing drug-related felonies will need strong defense counsel

Following an investigation over several months, a Michigan man was recently arrested at his home. The investigation followed suspicions that someone was committing drug-related felonies, and using the U.S. Postal Service to do it. Federal investigators allege the man used the mails to send methamphetamine from another state to his home address.

Post-conviction matters: DNA is used to prove guilt and innocence

The outcome of any criminal case against a person in Michigan will typically depend on the evidence that is presented at the trial. The defense attorney will play a significant role, and in many cases, convictions are based on inaccurate eyewitness evidence. This is where an attorney with strong skills and experience in the use of DNA evidence could be invaluable in dealing with post-conviction matters.

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