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Man facing drug-related felonies will need strong defense counsel

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2020 | Felonies |

Following an investigation over several months, a Michigan man was recently arrested at his home. The investigation followed suspicions that someone was committing drug-related felonies, and using the U.S. Postal Service to do it. Federal investigators allege the man used the mails to send methamphetamine from another state to his home address.

Following information of significant amounts of narcotics coming into Michigan, a police vice unit launched an investigation in May 2019. Reportedly, an informant told police that a man was purchasing methamphetamine elsewhere, only to ship it back to his Michigan address. According to federal court records, police and postal inspectors worked together in reviewing a parcel addressed to the man.

It is alleged that five parcels, weighing a total of 95 pounds and addressed to the man, were mailed from Arizona to his address in Michigan during the latter half of 2019. After learning that the man flew to Arizona and back in November, postal inspectors looked out for a parcel addressed to him. When it arrived in Michigan, a drug-detection dog reportedly confirmed their suspicions that the package contained narcotics.

Police officers watched the man’s house, and when the delivery of the package took place, they claim to have seen the man accepting the parcel. Armed with a search warrant, they entered his home and seized over 12 pounds of methamphetamine. Anyone in Michigan who finds him or herself in a similar situation would likely know to say nothing without having legal counsel present. An attorney with experience in defending those who are accused of committing federal drug-related felonies can devise a defense strategy in pursuit of the most favorable outcome for the client.