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December 2018 Archives

Rapid DNA program leads to speedy resolve of felonies

People in Michigan will no doubt be aware of the use of DNA in criminal investigations. Cold cases and new felonies are resolved by comparing a suspect's DNA profile with evidence to assess the likelihood of his or her involvement in a crime. It could take weeks to get DNA evidence from the crime scene to identification facilities. However, a new rapid DNA program in another state recently helped law enforcement to arrest a suspected burglar and recover stolen property within six days.

Office manager indicted on 11 counts of white collar crimes

Anyone in Michigan who is accused of embezzlement will likely sense that obtaining legal counsel as soon as possible is crucial. A 41-year-old woman in another state is in such a predicament. She was recently indicted on 11 counts of white collar crimes by a federal grand jury.  According to the indictment, the woman allegedly embezzled more than $116,000 from the company that employed her.

Fraud and cashing in on the hot Grand Rapids real estate market

After years of incredibly low prices and inventory saturation, the Michigan real estate market has finally bounced back. In fact, in recent quarters, the West Michigan and Grand Rapids real estate markets have ranked among some of the hottest and most lucrative in the nation.

White collar crimes filed against music director Robin DiMaggio

Whether in Michigan or another state, facing criminal charges for embezzlement could have dire consequences. Authorities report that Robin DiMaggio, music director for the Arsenio Hall Show on TV and also formerly for the United Nations, was recently arrested and charged with white collar crimes allegedly committed in 2016. The complaint indicates that the charges involve embezzlement of funds meant for displaced and homeless children.

Felonies: Michigan executive faces manslaughter charge

In 2014 and 2015, Legionnaires' disease broke out in Mid-Michigan, and several key people, including the chief medical executive of Michigan, Dr. Eden Wells, are accused of failing to prevent the outbreak. She is facing involuntary manslaughter charges. These types of felonies are punishable by up to 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $7,500. About 90 people in Genesee County contracted Legionnaires' Disease, and 12 cases ended in death.

Post-conviction matters: Will DNA prove innocence after 33 years?

Advances in science and technology allow for the possibility that certain criminal convictions in Michigan and other states may be subject to challenge. Post-conviction matters of this nature require the skills of a criminal defense attorney who has experience in dealing with DNA matters when it comes to a potential miscarriage of justice. In another state, a man has spent the past 33 years in jail for a murder that he claims he did not commit.

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