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What are the different types of Medicare fraud?

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Medicare fraud is a huge problem across the United States. There are many forms of Medicare and Medicaid fraud, but the action usually involves some form of identity theft. Therefore, people can fall victim to identity fraud because they have their Medicare number or another form of personal identifying information stolen very easily.

If you have been accused of Medicare fraud, it is vital that you understand the seriousness of this type of accusation. If you are found guilty of Medicare fraud, you will likely be charged with a felony, and you could face jail time as a result. However, by taking immediate action to adequately defend yourself, it may be possible to avoid all charges.

What constitutes Medicare fraud?

Conducting Medicaid fraud usually involves a person claiming reimbursement for health services that they are not entitled to. They do this by obtaining a person’s Medicare Card number and making a claim through this account.

Medicare fraud is also sometimes perpetrated by medical providers. They may take action to fraudulently bill Medicare for procedures that were unnecessary or never even performed.

Insurance companies sometimes try to fraudulently inflate billing amounts so that they can charge higher risk adjustment payments to Medicare.

Sometimes, both patients and medical providers work together to bill Medicare for procedures and services that were not needed.

How can I defend myself from a Medicare fraud accusation?

Since there are so many ways in which a person can commit Medicare fraud, it is easy for a person to become falsely accused. For example, if you are a medical provider, there will be a huge amount of information that you will be expected to submit to Medicare. You may have been sent the incorrect information from another person at the hospital, or you may have made a genuine mistake when processing the information. This honest mistake will need to be explained so that you can have charges made against you dropped.

The law on Medicare fraud can be extremely complex, and the best way for you to defend yourself will depend on the exact circumstances surrounding your accusation. Therefore, you must take the time to fully understand the law so that you are adequately equipped to defend yourself.