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Computer and internet crimes growing at an alarming rate

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2020 | Computer And Internet Crimes |

Cybercrimes cost companies and even individuals nationwide, including Michigan, billions of dollars each year. Cybercrimes is a collective term for computer and internet crimes. The anonymity offered by the internet along with the rapid advance of technology has made unsuspecting people targets of hackers who gain remote access to their homes. This could lead to the owners of hacked personal computers to be suspected of committing or participating in cybercrimes that investigators traced back to their computers.

When computers are the tools used to commit offenses, it is defined as cybercrimes. Cybercriminals gain unauthorized access to the personal information of individuals, confidential information of businesses and even government information. The data they gather is then offered for sale online. In some cases, business computers are disabled by cybercriminals who then demand ransom to be paid before they reactivate the computer systems.

Cybercrimes are classified into two types. The first being those targeting networks and devices on which they plant viruses. The second type involves the use of devices and computers to participate in criminal activities. These activities include identity theft, cyberstalking and phishing emails.

Anyone in Michigan who learns that he or she is suspected of participating in computer and internet crimes might be unsure about how to proceed. The sensible step would be to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. Legal counsel can start an independent investigation even before charges are filed and be prepared to defend the client from the onset. The attorney can also protect the client’s legal rights throughout ensuing legal proceedings and work on obtaining the most favorable outcome for the client.