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Felonies: Michigan man facing charges after recent incidents

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2020 | Felonies |

Michigan police are continuing an investigation of a string of events that occurred after they were to called to a business location just before 9 a.m. on a recent Monday. The officers were told that a vehicle had just been stolen while the car’s owner was inside the business. Police reportedly saw the vehicle in question travel past their location while they were conducting preliminary investigations. A 32-year-old man is now facing several felonies in connection with the stolen car and other incidents. 

Police say they believe the man who allegedly stole the car is the same person who drove onto US-127 and caused a collision with another vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle had to be transported to a nearby hospital after suffering serious injuries in the crash. Investigators say that the stolen vehicle was found abandoned. The man they believe had been driving it was located at a nearby pond. 

Police have accused the man of hiding in the pond because they think he stole the car, caused a collision, then fled the scene, ditching the vehicle on the roadway and running away on foot. After police took the man into custody, a $250,000 bond was set and a court date scheduled for early October. The man is facing charges of felony theft, reckless driving resulting in injury to another person and multiple other counts. 

Regardless of the number of Michigan felonies charged, the accused individual is guaranteed an opportunity to present a defense against each specific charge. An experienced criminal defense attorney knows how to determine which type of defense strategy may be most beneficial for a particular set of circumstances. This is why most defendants request legal representation as soon as possible after they have been arrested or charged with a crime.