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Michigan man’s 3rd arrest on illegal gambling-related felonies

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2020 | Felonies |

The Michigan Gaming Control Board and the state’s Department of Attorney General conducted a joint investigation into the activities of a man who was allegedly involved in illegal gambling activities. Reportedly, the 57-year-old was arrested on similar charges on two prior occasions. Following the current investigation, the man was arrested and charged with several felonies.

The allegations against the man involve the supply of illegal gambling machines to a business in Flint. It is claimed that this business is an illegal gambling facility under the guise of an internet gaming operation. Authorities say the man faced a 10-year felony charge in 2013, which was dropped when he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges. This followed his assurance that he would only deal with gaming machines with MGCB certification.

However, at the beginning of this year, he was convicted on several counts related to illegal gambling activities. He received a one-year probation sentence along with community service. The current charges are significantly more severe. He now faces six felonies and is due in court on July 2 after a personal bond of $70,000 was set.

Facing felonies is serious, and this man will likely appear alongside an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney on his next court appearance. Until prosecutors can prove this man’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, he will remain innocent and no conviction can occur. A skillful defense attorney can base a defense strategy on the available evidence and applicable laws with the focus on preventing a conviction or negotiating for reduced charges. If such an offer is on the table, a guilty plea may lead to favorable sentencing considerations.