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A corporate forensic lab could help in your defense

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | Felonies |

It is not uncommon for criminal investigations to be conducted through a state-based crime lab. But given their cost limitations and capacity issues, some crime labs may have backlogs that may delay test results and give rise to other logistical issues. As such, more law enforcement agencies are relying on private crime labs established by corporate entities.

When we think about retailers such as Target and Walmart, we tend to think about loss prevention standards to prevent theft of physical items. However, with the rise in cyber crimes, these entities have had to create forensics labs of their own in order to quickly discover and resolve issues leading to fraud and theft. With that, these companies can work faster than law enforcement to investigate and resolve crimes. Further, they have the financial flexibility to keep pace with the latest technological advancements not only to protect themselves but to also offer their services to others who may need it.  

Having private corporations conducting forensic investigations is not limited to law enforcement. It is critical for those who are charged with or under investigation for a crime to have access to independent tests so that vital evidence can be uncovered in defending against criminal charges. Having access to such technology can mean the difference between defeating charges criminal charges and being convicted of a crime. Both have the potential of being life changing outcomes for the accused.

While the preceding is not legal advice, it is critical to ask an experienced criminal defense attorney about methods and costs of gathering forensic evidence.