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Drug distribution laws in Michigan

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Types of drug distribution can very rapidly. A person could be distributing a particular drug around a few of his or her closest friends, or the individual could have a sophisticated distribution network across cities or even states.

The laws on drug trafficking are very strict in the sense that people do not need to be caught “red handed” in the act of selling or distributing drugs. They do not even need to show intent in order to be charged. Instead, they only need to be found with a certain amount of a drug which will be interpreted by law enforcement as a distribution effort.

How are drugs classified in Michigan when it comes to distribution?

Drugs in Michigan are organized under the law in categories that are related to their danger and their addiction level. These categories, like in most states, are referred to as schedules. The schedule that the related drug is in will define the seriousness of the charges relating to the trafficking of it.

Will I be prosecuted under state law or federal law?

Depending on the specific type of crime and drug, you may face prosecutions under federal law, state law or both. In general, the more severe the crime, the more likely it is that you will be charged federally or even have your crime investigated by the FBI.

How can I calculate the severity of my charge?

The charge that you can expect to face will depend greatly on the exact circumstances of the crime. For example, the types of drugs used and the amount that was found on your possession will determine a large part of the seriousness. In addition, a person convicted of drug trafficking will face harsher penalties for distributing the drugs near certain locations, for example, in close proximity of a school. If children were targeted, or if you are a repeat offender, you can expect to face even more serious charges.

If you have been found to be in the possession of a large quantity of drugs and have been accused of trafficking in the state of Michigan, it is important not to underestimate the seriousness. All drug trafficking charges are considered felonies. It is vital to build a strong defense.