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Bulk mail scheme operators face white collar crimes charges

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2018 | White Collar Crimes |

Anyone in Michigan who learns that he or she is being investigated for fraud will want to secure criminal defense counsel — even before an arrest. Hefty fines, restitution orders and even incarceration can follow a conviction, and acting early may prevent or limit any consequences. Three men in another state who are accused of white collar crimes are facing federal charges for alleged postal fraud conducted over a period of approximately five years.

Federal prosecutors allege the three men, ages 51, 57 and 58, operated a business that did or pretended to do bulk mailings for other firms. It is alleged that the men fraudulently obtained at least $16 million in the scheme that involved the free delivery of over 80 million items of mail by faking the paperwork, forging postal employees’ signatures and using a postal stamp without authorization. The money paid by the companies who used their bulk mailing service was allegedly split between the three accused men for their private use.

Reportedly, deliveries were often not sent out when promised, but false receipts were produced to show on-time mailings. Prosecutors claim that some batches of bulk mail were never posted, although payment for them was collected from the customers. The men each face one count of mail fraud.

When it comes to white collar crimes, mail fraud is likely the most common type of fraud charges filed. Federal courts tend to dish out stricter punishment for these crimes because they inflict financial damage on society. However, those who face such charges in Michigan, or even individuals who suspect they are under investigation, can benefit their situations by seeking the support and guidance offered by an experienced criminal defense attorney. A lawyer will always endeavor to achieve the possible result under the circumstances.