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Defenses re charges for computer and internet crimes

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2018 | Computer And Internet Crimes |

Felony convictions bring penalties, and some are more severe than others are. Using a device such as a computer or a smartphone to commit crimes can lead to enhanced penalties. For that reason, anyone in Michigan who is being investigated for computer and internet crimes is best advised to seek legal counsel immediately.

Offenses that used to be committed in person and are now done online. Cyber crimes include theft in various forms along with sexting and other crimes like child pornography and solicitation. However, the anonymity offered by computer networking technology brought about online scams that often target the global market for committing credit card, investment and auction fraud. Phishing is another type of fraud that involves sending emails to recipients to gather financial and personal information, with the sender pretending to be a legitimate business.

Although selling fake medications and pharmaceuticals is prevalent on the internet, the Food and Drug Administration’s strict framework of regulations and control limits this type of fraud in the United States. Then there is cyberbullying that could involve stalking, hate crimes, threats of violence, revenge porn and child pornography. Bullies use websites, internet chat rooms, text messages and social media to target victims of all ages.

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney in the corner of anyone in Michigan who has to fight allegations or formal charges of computer and internet crimes might improve one’s chances. Attorneys can gather the complicated technical evidence and can also use the help of other professionals to assess the strength of evidence. A lawyer may demonstrate that owning a particular computer does not necessarily tie its contents to the accused individual.