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How the law defines acts of Medicare fraud

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Medicare is a type of funding for American citizens who are in need of benefits to help them with their medical costs. Most of the beneficiaries of Medicare are over the age of 65 or are suffering from chronic health problems.

The way that Medicare works is through the process of reimbursement. When a person pays for medical services, he or she uses a personal Medicare number in order to have money paid back into his or her account.

The act of Medicare fraud is usually committed by people who gain access to another person’s Medicare number, Social Security number, or other personal details and manage to illegally have their own medical expenses reimbursed through the program.

Is Medicare fraud charged in the same way as identity theft?

Essentially, those who use another person’s details to gain Medicare benefits are committing the crime of identity theft. Fraudsters who are found to be illegally benefiting from another person’s Medicare account will very likely be charged with identity theft. The charges will depend on the monetary amount that was reimbursed, and the charges will probably be influenced by the exact circumstances surrounding the case. In addition, intent will need to be proven beyond reasonable doubt before a person is charged with Medicare fraud.

Medicare fraud as a white collar crime

Individuals can be charged with Medicare fraud as identity theft, however, medical providers, insurance companies and patients in conjunction with doctors have been known to cheat the Medicare system. One of the most common ways for patients to commit Medicare fraud while working together with their doctor is by having their doctor fraudulently bill their account so that they receive reimbursements. The doctor is usually rewarded with a kickback.

Medicare fraud does not go unpunished. It is important that any accusation of Medicare fraud is taken seriously. If you have been accused of Medicare fraud in the state of Michigan, it is important that you take immediate action in order to defend yourself. As a patient or a medical provider, administrative mistakes can happen. It is possible to explain the situation and have charged dismissed as a result.