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White-collar crimes charges need a strong defense

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2018 | White Collar Crimes |

Destroyed careers, massive fines, restitution payments and incarceration can follow a conviction for fraud or embezzlement in Michigan. That applies to all types of white-collar crimes. The term refers to cheating and dishonesty, and anyone — from accounting clerks in small businesses, business professionals, politicians and top executives — could find themselves accused of white-collar crimes.

Investigations into criminal activities could involve money laundering, public corruption, election law violations, corporate fraud or mortgage fraud. Others could be suspected of securities and commodities fraud, fraud against the government, bank fraud, embezzlement, health care fraud, financial institution fraud, or mass marketing fraud. The FBI often investigates multi-layered, sophisticated fraud cases.

Many of the cases pursued by the FBI involve deceived investors, analysts and auditors. Accounting schemes are devised to conceal the business entity’s actual financial status. Individuals could find themselves accused of manipulating economic data, sharing prices or other measurements of business or corporate valuations. Accusations could include providing the investing public with an artificially inflated financial performance that is based upon false indicators.

The best time for an accused individual to seek protection against charges of white-collar crimes is during the investigation. However, people often learn about the inquiry only when they are arrested. Even then, it is crucial for accused individuals in Michigan to secure the services of a law firm that has a legal team who can defend anyone, from entrepreneurs to top executives. An attorney with experience in the litigation of criminal cases might resolve sensitive cases with enough discretion to protect careers.