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Do you face state or federal drug trafficking charges?

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If you face drug trafficking charges, you cannot waste any time before building your defense. The sentencing for drug trafficking is heavy, both at the state and federal level. A conviction could result in years behind bars on top of fines and other restrictions.

Often, those who face drug trafficking charges worry that the evidence against them is too strong to fight or that the court system is rigged against them. While it is true that the courts are not eager to show mercy to drug trafficking suspects, it is always wise to approach any charges with a strong defense. You may have more options than you realize, but only if you act quickly.

State laws versus federal laws

When drug trafficking charges are pending, prosecution may push for excessive sentencing. From the prosecutor’s point of view, individuals who traffic controlled substances are easy to use as examples of getting crime off the streets. It is essential that you do everything you can to fight these charges so the prosecution does not try to use you as such an example.

Sentencing may vary significantly, depending on whether the charges indicate state or federal crimes. If the charges claim that you only moved or sold drugs within Michigan, then you should only face state-level charges. If you allegedly moved drugs across state lines, you will face federal drug charges.

Facing state-level charges is usually preferable, because the sentencing tends to be lighter, but there are some exceptions. States may allow individuals to carry smaller amounts of a controlled substance before qualifying as trafficking rather than personal use, for instance. This may mean that state level-charges end up costing you more after a conviction for allegedly moving a smaller quantity of drugs.

Build your defense now, not later

Drug trafficking charges are serious, no matter how they arise. Whether you face state or federal charges, you must begin building your legal defense as soon as you can to make the most of all your defense opportunities. If you wait, you only give the prosecution more time to build its case to prove you are guilty.

Be sure to use all the legal resources and guidance that you need to keep your rights protected while you fight against harsh sentencing.