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Understanding computer and internet crimes might prevent them

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2019 | Computer And Internet Crimes |

Sometimes, people in Michigan and other cities nationwide get involved in a crime without even realizing that what they are doing is criminal. This is because computer and internet crimes can occur in a wide variety of circumstances. Understanding what constitutes a crime involving the use of computers and the internet can go a long ways toward avoiding legal troubles.

Many computer crimes involve improper access to a computer system or network. Once access is obtained, data or programs might be taken or copied, and modified or used in damaging ways. It might even lead to the contamination of the computer system or the introduction of a virus. Under different circumstances, the access to the computer might form part of a scheme meant to defraud others or to use another person’s encryption to commit another crime.

Other computer-related crimes involve the theft of information service or falsifying information on emails. Still others involve child pornography and sexual harassment. However, one type internet crime that is becoming more common often involves teenagers and even younger children who use social networks to bully others. This is called cyberbullying, and it is a matter of concern because it has had tragic consequences in some cases.

For anyone in Michigan who finds him or herself being investigated or suspected of computer and internet crimes, securing the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney is an important step. A lawyer can examine the circumstances and launch an independent investigation even before an arrest is made. Having legal counsel’s support from the start might allow the preparation of a stronger defense in pursuit of the most favorable outcome for the client.