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Felonies: DNA evidence can even solve carjacking cold cases

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2019 | Felonies |

Many cold cases involving violent crimes like homicide and rape have been solved by using forensic evidence. However, investigators nationwide, including Michigan, can use DNA samples gathered at the crime scenes of various felonies to solve cold cases. Law enforcement in another state recently arrested a suspect in a July 2017 case of a carjacking.

According to sheriff’s reports, a good Samaritan stopped when she witness a crash. However, her attempts to help the injured only brought her trouble. She alleges the three crash victims pulled her from her car, loaded an injured woman into it and raced away from the scene. Law enforcement says the ditched car was also a stolen vehicle.

Reportedly, deputies tracked the injured woman down to a medical facility. However, when she refused to provide information, they gathered DNA evidence in both vehicles. After several months, results came back that matched the DNA of the injured woman and her 21-year-old brother. The man was already behind bars for a different crime.

DNA evidence can be damning in cases of individuals who are accused of committing felonies. For that reason, it might be wise to secure the services of an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney. Because anyone who is charged with a crime is innocent in the eyes of the law until, and if, the prosecutors can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, the attorney can do whatever is possible to get the charges reduced or even dropped. If this fails, he or she can work to get the best possible outcome for the defendant.