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Passenger faces multiple felonies after traffic stop in Michigan

On Behalf of | May 14, 2019 | Felonies |

Being arrested by law enforcement in Michigan is a harrowing experience for most people. In many cases, occupants of vehicles in a traffic stop feel intimidated by the police officers, and they forget that they can refuse to answer questions. A recent case that led to a passenger facing several felonies shows that not only the driver but also all the occupants of a vehicle can land in trouble with law enforcement.

Such an incident happened on a recent Tuesday when troopers of the Metro Detroit Michigan State Police Department pulled over a driver of a vehicle that they say exceeded the speed limit. Officers made the necessary contact with the driver but say they noticed the extremely nervous behavior of the passenger. The incident report indicates that the passenger was then asked for his ID.

Reportedly, he handed the trooper a credit card bearing a false name, which led to the passenger being asked to step out of the car. It is alleged that the passenger reached for a firearm in the area of his waistband while exiting the vehicle. At this time, troopers disabled the passenger and seized the weapon. They claim that the gun was registered to someone else.

Troopers also discovered that several outstanding warrants existed for the passenger, and he now also faces multiple gun-related felonies along with a charge of fraudulent activity. Most people in Michigan who are in similar situations seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Here, issues may exist about the actions of law enforcement personnel in singling out the passenger. An experienced criminal defense attorney will consider all the available defense options in pursuit the most favorable outcome for the client.