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Felonies: Federal charges filed against mother and daughter

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2020 | Felonies |

People in Michigan who have lost loved ones might keep a close check on the funeral home they use after reading about the alleged crimes of a mother and daughter who owned a funeral home in another state. The 66-year-old mother and her 43-year-old daughter have faced several civil lawsuits over recent years. However, this time, they were arrested and charged with federal felonies.

The funeral home directors have faced at least six civil lawsuits in recent years. The two were recently indicted for alleged fraud that involved the sales of body parts without the permission of the surviving family members. According to the allegations made by federal prosecutors, some relatives agreed to donate tissue samples, skin sections or tumors for research. However, other body parts were sold by the two women for profit. Prosecutors allege these crimes have been committed for at least 10 years.

It is further alleged that some families did not receive the remains of their deceased love ones, and some even received cement powder instead of the ashes of their loved ones. Along with mail fraud charges, the mother and daughter are also facing charges of illegal transportation of hazardous material. This follows allegations that they sold infected body parts while claiming them to be disease-free. These dangerous parts were transported on commercial flights or via mail.

Anyone in Michigan who is accused of felonies might be unsure of how to proceed. A consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney would be a sensible first step. A lawyer can scrutinize the charges and the evidence on which to base a defense strategy aiming at achieving the best possible outcome for the client.