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Felonies: What happens when one makes questionable decisions

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2020 | Felonies |

At some point in time, each Michigan resident will make decisions that others will view as showing a lack of judgment. Some of these decisions will have minimal consequences and life as normal will continue for all who may have been affected by these decisions. Other decisions will have significant consequences that may result in the individual being charged with a variety of felonies.

One 2018 incident involving a series of apparently questionable decisions has now resulted in the accused individual facing over 20 felony charges. According to Michigan authorities, a 33 year-old male was involved in a failed carjacking attempt. In his attempt to escape, he allegedly went over a fence into a resident’s backyard. Police say he then fired a gun at police, entered the home and held a 7-year-old boy hostage.

The individual accused of these actions has been arrested and charged with a variety of felonies ranging from felony possession of a firearm to kidnapping, assault and attempted murder. These decisions that this individual allegedly made will have a lasting impact regardless of the outcome of the court proceedings. The exact impact will only be known once the case is presented before a Michigan court.

Each day, one is faced with a multitude of decisions. When one or more of them results in the individual suddenly facing a variety of felonies and possible repercussions, it may be time to seek experienced guidance. Decisions regarding how to best proceed based upon the circumstances, evidence and other contributing factors will need to be made before the issue is presented in a criminal courtroom.