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Man faces felony charge after his plan to steal helicopter fails

On Behalf of | May 31, 2020 | Felonies |

A 70-year-old man allegedly called dispatchers on a recent Sunday morning to inform them that he was heading to the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Bay City, Michigan, to steal a helicopter. He was eventually arrested and charged with felony firearms possession after a weapon was found in his pickup truck. He was convicted on felony charges in 2011 and, as a result, not allowed to have a firearm.

According to court records, the man said he planned an attack on a police station and a hospital to set quarantined patients free. Authorities say the man told them that he had a machine gun. Dispatchers informed the Coast Guard station about his threats and his criminal record of resisting police and brandishing a weapon.

After several failed attempts to get through the gate at the Coast Guard station, authorities say he drove off. Officers apparently found his vehicle at a gas station. Reportedly, the engine was running and the driver’s door was open, but the driver was in the store. Troopers searched the pickup truck and seized a shotgun. When the man came out of the store, authorities say he tried to hit an MSP trooper and resisted their attempts to arrest him.

This Michigan man can only be convicted if — and when — the prosecution proves his guilt in court and beyond a reasonable doubt. Undoubtedly, his legal counsel will focus on protecting the client’s rights while seeking the best possible resolution to the felony charges. Legal counsel can explain the options, which include fighting the formal accusations at trial or negotiating a plea bargain, which might lead to favorable sentencing considerations and/or reduced charges.