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What is software piracy and how can it affect a business?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Many individuals use software during the course of their business. It’s imperative that you ensure that your company is only using legal software. It is a crime to steal software that’s legally protected. You could be charged with software piracy.

The issue with software piracy is that it deprives the owner of the software their due profit. This is a form of copyright infringement.

How does software piracy occur? How can it be prevented?

Software piracy occurs when someone buys software through illegal means. It can also happen if you download a free copy of software that isn’t approved by the company that owns the software. In some cases, it also happens if the software is altered.

The best way to ensure that you aren’t committing software piracy is to only buy programs directly from the creator or from an approved seller. This is especially important for downloaded software programs. Never purchase software that’s in generic containers or that isn’t in the proper packaging.

Are there risks to using pirated software?

While you might think using pirated software isn’t a risky proposition, it can severely harm your company. Downloading or using the legally obtained software can provide you with specific benefits. For example, your company will have the intended security. You never know what kind of security breaches will occur when you use pirated software. Some of these programs may contain malware.

There’s also the risk of facing criminal charges because of software piracy. This is a serious crime that can come with time in prison, as well as fines and other penalties. On top of this, the reputation of your company could suffer. It might be difficult to keep the company running if you’re behind bars.

If you’ve been accused of software piracy, you should contact your attorney immediately. You need to get started with your defense strategy planning as quickly as possible. You may find that you have some options that come with a time limit. Evaluate all of your options and choose the best one for your situation.