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Michigan’s changing medical marijuana dispensary law

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2017 | Felonies |

When the state of Michigan legalized medical marijuana in 2008, it forgot to set up a system for opening and operating dispensaries. After a state supreme court ruling that marijuana dispensaries were not legal businesses, many dispensaries closed, either voluntarily by the owners or after being raided by the police.

Several dispensaries still remain in Michigan, but in a legal limbo, potentially limiting access for patients.

A new law called the Medical Marihuana Licensing Act will finally create a framework for regulating the sale of medical marijuana in Michigan. Central Michigan Life reports that the MMFLA also creates a Medical Marihuana Licensing Board that will act similarly to the way liquor licenses are distributed and regulated.

The law gives cities the right to opt into the new system and pass their own regulations as well. This will likely create a baseline of regulations for dispensaries to follow, but the level of regulation could change significantly from location to location.

Caregivers will still be allowed to grow up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana per patient as before, and patients and caretakers will continue to be matched through a state database.

This potential confusion over your dispensary’s rights and responsibilities is what makes it so important to have an experienced defense attorney. A lawyer will explain the latest developments in the law at the federal, state and local levels to help you avoid mistakes. And if you get charged with a crime, he or she will protect your rights and work toward the best possible resolution.