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What happens after a Thanksgiving DUI arrest?

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2017 | Felonies |

Indeed, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is known as Black Wednesday. But it has no connection the holiday shopping deals. Unfortunately, it is known for being a time where more people are stopped and arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. The Thanksgiving holiday is one of the most dangerous weekends of the year because of the volume of traffic on New York roads, and the propensity for drivers to imbibe.

For those who were stopped and arrested, it is important to know what the process will be like in the coming weeks. This post will provide some basic information about what to expect.

Arraignment – The first step in the process is being formally read the charges against you. This is called an arraignment. Essentially, you will be asked if you understand the charges against you, and whether you choose to plead “Guilty” or “Not Guilty.” If you plead guilty, it is likely that your sentence will be imposed immediately. Before pleading guilty, however, it is important to know what the range of punishments that may be imposed. This is where talking with an attorney is important. 

Chemical dependency screening– It may also be ordered that you undergo a screening process where your drinking patterns, family history and prior criminal encounters will be evaluated to determine if you have a problem with alcohol, or if you are likely to offend again. The report from a chemical dependency screening may be used in determining sentencing.

If you have additional questions about what happens after a DUI arrest, an experienced criminal defense attorney can answer them.