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Woman pleads guilty to white collar crimes charges

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2018 | White Collar Crimes |

When times are tough, people in Michigan and other states might find ways to deal with overwhelming debts. They take money to which they are not entitled — usually with the intention to replace it. However, these matters frequently snowball, and when they become unmanageable, white collar crimes charges could follow. A 43-year-old woman in another state, who became entangled in such crimes, recently pleaded guilty to federal charges that could potentially send her to prison for 30 years.

According to court documents, the accused woman and some accomplices allegedly produced fraudulent documents, such as cashier’s checks and money orders, on a home computer at the beginning of 2014. These were sent by mail as payment on debts to lenders and other financial institutions. Prosecutors say the defendant attempted to discharge over $2 million in debts, but some of the payments were rejected.

Further allegations state that two fake money orders, totaling over $60,000, were mailed to a credit union as settlement payments on Mercedes-Benz cars. Furthermore, she allegedly attempted to pay off the mortgage on a home by mailing a fraudulent $432,000 money order to the financial institution. After it was mistakenly accepted at first, the mortgage was reinstated by a state court later. Court documents also show similar attempts to pay off other mortgages and student loans exceeding $52,000, but those payments were all rejected.

Anyone in Michigan who gets caught up in a web of white collar crimes like mail fraud, wire fraud or bank fraud, or someone who is accused of such crimes, might find that it is best to get an experienced criminal defense attorney. Having legal counsel in one’s corner from the start can be a significant asset. The presence of a lawyer during questioning and interviews with police can prevent self-incrimination. While the attorney protects the legal rights of the client, a defense strategy can be devised to reach the best possible outcome under the circumstances.