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Felonies: Embezzlement from vulnerable adult is a serious crime

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2019 | Felonies |

Every year, the state’s Health Care Fraud Division investigates cases that involve the filing of fraudulent claims and embezzlement of benefits. These felonies could lead to significant fines and jail sentences if convictions are obtained. A 50-year-old Michigan woman who faces charges of felony embezzlement is likely exploring her defense options.

According to court documents, the investigation followed a report by a nursing home that one resident’s fees for the provided care were not being paid. Investigators claim to have found evidence indicating that the accused woman unlawfully used over $40,000 that belonged to a vulnerable family member that lives in the nursing home. According to the Health Care Fraud Division, the amount involved in this case represents one of the most significant examples of embezzlement pursued by the unit.

It is alleged that the woman used the embezzled money for the purchase of a house that was in foreclosure. The defendant was recently arraigned in the 60th District Court, and she is now on a personal recognizance bond of $5,000. Authorities say the potential sentence if convicted for embezzlement of funds exceeding $20,000 from a vulnerable adult could be a prison term of up to 10 years, or there could be a fine of triple the embezzled amount or $15,000.

Felonies that involve crimes against vulnerable adults are not tolerated in Michigan, and having an experienced criminal defense attorney in the corner of the defendant will be crucial. The attorney can examine the allegations and scrutinize the prosecution’s evidence before devising a defense strategy. With strong legal representation, the chances of obtaining the most favorable outcome are vastly increased.